Using WeTransfer

There are a number of different ways you can send us artwork, but in our experience the easiest way is to use the free and secure WeTransfer service. This guide will talk you through how to send us artwork using this service.

1. Go to

Visit in your favourite web browser (we recommend Google Chrome).

When you first visit the site (if you haven’t done previously), then you’ll be offered a choice between using WeTransfer Plus or regular WeTransfer. As long as your artwork file(s) are under 2Gb in size, then regular WeTransfer would suffice, so choose the “Take me to free” button.

Once you load WeTransfer, you’ll be asked to agree to their Terms & Conditions before you can upload any files, so click the “I agree” button.

2. Find your files

Now you’ll be able to upload your files. The first step is press the “Add files” button near the top. This will open a dialog box to your computer’s files, you can find the artwork file(s) to attach. WeTransfer will allow you to add as many files as you need, as long as the combined file size is under 2Gb. You can either add lots of individual files, or you can add a zip archive with all of the files inside.

When you add files, you’ll see them listed above the “Add files” button. If you add one by mistake, then you can hover over the file name and a cross will appear, clicking this will remove that file.

3. Add your details

Once the files are attached, it’s time to fill out your personal details! Please enter the following:

Friend’s email: Unless asked by our sales team to do otherwise, please enter

Your email: This is where you enter your email address!

Message: You can include any relevant message to go along with your artwork upload. To make our lives a little easier, please include your Order number (which you can find on the order confirmation page of our website, or your order confirmation email).

Now just hit the blue “Transfer” button and your upload will begin!

4. Sit back and wait

The files will begin uploading to WeTransfer, and then will automatically be emailed to us! The size of the artwork file(s) will determine how long it will take, so be patient. The WeTransfer page will show you how long it will take, so please don’t close this page until it confirms the upload is complete.

While you wait, perhaps you might consider leaving us a positive review on Google? Positive reviews are crucial for a products-based company, so we truly appreciate customers taking two minutes to leave some kind words.

5. All done!

Once the files are finished uploading, the WeTransfer page will update and show the upload is complete. We’ll shortly receive an email with your artwork, and be in touch soon with a design proof for you to approve.

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