Wall Mounted Vantage Flagpole

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Product Description

Brackets Options

We provide the following options for the base:

  • Angled Brackets – Attach the flagpole to the side of a building, pointing outwards. Not available for all sizes.
  • Angled Brackets host up to a 6m flagpole, this is the maximum considered appropriate for these brackets. Angled brackets only available with an external halyard.
  • Vertical Brackets – Attach the flagpole to the side of the building, pointing upwards. Larger sizes require more brackets.
  • Vertical Brackets host up to a 8m flagpole with an internal or external halyard
Halyard Options

You can choose from the following halyard options:

  • Internal – Secure the halyard (rope) inside the flagpole to keep it out of sight and maintain your flagpole’s profile. This is the preferred option for professional flagpoles, but costs extra.
  • External – Keep the halyard on the outside of the flagpole, with a cleat to wrap the halyard around to keep tension in the rope.

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