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Hand Sewn Vietnam Flags are the traditional, and still the highest quality way to make a National Flag. Every Vietnam flag is created by individually cutting and sewing together the fabric panels to create the design required. Some National Flags with complex design or intricate detail are made with a printed panel which is then hand sewn onto the main flag. The flags are finished with a double sewn hem and have a headband, rope & toggle so they can be flown from any ordinary flagpole.

Each sewn Vietnam flag starts by cutting panels of the required colours from the roll, they are then sewn together to create the chosen national design and finished with a double sewn hem. A Headband, rope & toggle is added so they can be hoisted on any standard flagpole. Our flags are fabricated to each order requirement, so feel free to customise the finish of your flag.

National Flag designs with complex details will have a printed panel or badge added to the main field of the flag. The 155gsm Woven Flag material offers the best possible durability and has been used by the Navy and other military branches for many years. With the design of each national flag being different, the work involved to create each design varies; this is why we price our hand sewn flags according to the work involved.




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Caring For Your Flag

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