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Our selection of portable flagpoles designed for outdoor use. The range of products and styles available is explained below. Firstly, the flagpole base, as this predetermines other factors, such as the maximum height viable for that style. The drive on base is generally seen in car showrooms the weight of the parked vehicle simply holding the flag in position. These are easy to uninstall and reinstall and come in a maximum height of 15m, mainly for safety, due to the pressure which could be placed upon the base of the pole in high winds. The base is 500mm wide and 210mm deep designed and shaped to hide subtly under a standard car tyre.

The spiked base features a square plate which sits flat onto the floor with a spike underneath which inserts into the ground. Guy ropes and heavy duty pegs are generally also fitted to ensure the pole is secure. These poles are available up to 30ft high meaning additional supports are essential. If you already have a base in position we do supply a flagpole with no base, if this is a desirable solution please seek further advice to check this portable pole will be compatible with your current solution.

Each of these 3 styles of base can be fitted with a rotating arm. The rotating arm keeps the flag from wrapping around the pole whilst also holding the top of the flag in position. This rotating arm has the ability to spin 360 degrees around the pole itself, meaning the flag is still relatively free flying in the wind and is always visible.

The square base with pegs style base can be fitted for flagpoles up to 15ft high. This base style features a square metal base which sits flat to the floor. There are then multiple pins which are fitted into the base at an angle giving optimum security in the fitting. If you require additional information or support please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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