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Looped end with gripple - Pack of 2

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Product Description

Hangfast wires have revolutionised the ease of installing hung graphics. Simply attach to a suitable ceiling anchor point, pass through the ‘Gripple’ and adjust as required. Each pack comprises 2 x wires with two Gripples. The Gripple is an ingenious device that grips the wire to form a loop, but it can be released and adjusted to give total flexibility to the user making it much easier to get everything at the right height and level.

The No.1 systems are designed to support a weight up to 10kgs and can be purchased in 2m or 5m lengths depending upon the item you are trying to hang to determine the required length. Similar applies to the No.2 system but this version is designed to support much greater weight, up to 45kgs. As with the No.1 system the No.2 kits can be purchased in 2m or 5m lengths purely decided by your needs.

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