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For many buildings, Short Wall Mounted Flagpoles are the ideal way to display a flag. Manufactured from 45mm diameter aluminium with welded aluminium brackets. Available in 4 lengths (1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m & 3.0m) and with either vertical or 45 degree angled brackets.

Please note: Angled flagpoles at heights of 2.5m and 3m require staywires which stops the flag wrapping round the pole and holds in position (but not make it rigid). These are included in the price. Anti-furl bars are designed to prevent the flag wrapping. They are attached to the flag to prevent it from swinging through 360 degrees. Vertical flagpoles at heights of 2.5m and 3m require 2 wall fixings to keep them secure and support the extra weight. These are included in the price.

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