Flag Materials

When it comes to choosing your National Flag, one of the most important decisions is which material should you choose? We offer 2 types of flag manufacture – Hand-Sewn or Digitally Printed.


Hand Sewn Flags

Our Hand-Sewn flags are the superior quality product, making a first-class choice. Each flag is created by sewing together panels of coloured fabric to create the design you require.  We use a 155gsm Woven Polyester.  This is the most durable flag material available and is used by the MOD (Ministry of Defence) for their flags so it is a first class choice.  These flags are ideal for many corporate or domestic situations, they will last aprox 50% longer than a Printed flag so well worth a little extra cost. Many people choose Hand Sewn flags because they appreciate the stitching detail and traditional look of these flags which is visible even when flying from a pole.

Each flag is finished with a sturdy headband with a toggle at the top and a cord at the bottom.  This is suitable for attachment to any standard flagpole with either an internal or external halyard (rope), Hand Sewn flags are hemmed on all sides to make them as durable as possible

The price for Sewn Flags varies depending on the complexity of design, for example a simple 3 colour flag such as the French tricolour will be cheaper than a complex design such as the Stars and Stripes of the USA.  If you’re looking for the best price it’s well worth checking both the Hand Sewn and Digitally Printed price for the type you require as Hand Sewn can often be cheapest.


Digitally Printed Flags

Digitally Printed Flags are a great option if you are looking for a good value flag that will be suitable for outdoor use.  Using modern printing techniques we Dye-Print the fabric to the approved design.  The inks are colour fast and waterproof so no problems if it rains.  All Digitally Printed Flags are manufactured from a 115gsm Knitted Polyester.  This material provides the optimum balance of strength to weight enabling them to fly in the lightest of breezes but still have good durability. Digitally Printed National Flags are a good choice if you intend to mix and match national flags with company flags.  Most corporate flags are also Digitally Printed so you will achieve a matched look if you choose Digitally Printed national flags to compliment others that you wish to fly.

Once Printed we inspect every flag for quality, then Hand finish it by fitting a headband with a toggle and rope and hemming the sides to ensure it’s ready to fly.  Digitally Printed flag can be flown from any type of flagpole or carried by hand.

Pricing is simple, just choose the size of flag you require and all designs are exactly the same price.  Ideal if you need to order multiple flags of different types or don’t have the budget for our premium Hand Sewn flags.