Event Graphics

Your event’€™s visual signature is defined in many ways but perhaps the greatest way you can influence the “€˜look”€™ of your event is through its graphics.

Great design is critical if you want your “€˜brand”€™ to stand out from the crowd, this means that a joined up approach is needed encompassing all aspects of the marketing and delivery of your event, making sure that the visual cues people receive are recognisable from the first advert they see on page or online through to the Ticketing, directional signage and of course at the venue itself. That’€™s where we come in at Banner Box. We want your audience to feel their experience enhanced by feeling that the recognise of the identity of your event.

We’€™re genuinely excited about translating the ideas of the designer into a reality. There is a real skill in creating artwork for large format re-production, it’€™s no place for small print, what’s needed are clear messages, consistent colour schemes and appropriate and recognisable imagery. Corporate sponsors will no-doubt want to make sure that they are getting value for money. This means listening to their requirements and translating the specific brand or product message they wish to communicate.

What are Event Graphics?

Event graphics are any form of large printed media designed to communicate with an audience in a non-verbal way€™. Our specialism is graphics on fabric€“ because they’re the best, a simple statement but they tick a considerable number of boxes, firstly;

  • Cost –€“ certainly good value for money and very comparable with other options such as vinyl or sheet materials
  • Versatility –€“ a fabric graphic can be a backdrop, flag, banner, structure cladding, marquee roof, fence scrim, sports pitch graphics… the list goes on and on
  • Green –€“ The event industry generates thousands of tonnes of waste every year, sadly much of this is not recyclable. Fabric graphics are all produced to different kinds of Polyester this is a genuinely recyclable material which can be recovered and re-used. Our closed loop environmental system gives you the ability to return used graphics to us and promote this fact to your sponsors and audience
  • Easy to use –€“ Typical fabrics are around ¼ the weight of comparable PVC materials. When rigging massive stage backdrops this makes a huge difference for both the riggers and the set designers. Simply lifting a PVC backdrop can be a challenge but one man can carry a full size football centre circle banner at nearly 300 sq m of material
  • Re-usable – Fabrics are very hard to damage, boards can get dropped and scuffed, Banners will crease if folded. Fabrics won’€™t break if they’€™re dropped, they can be folded and will be OK when you open them out again. If it’s raining during breakdown they can be packed away wet, however make sure they get dried out before storage.
How we do it

The thing you’€™ll be most interested in is the end result. However you might like to know the care we take to deliver your order. Printing to fabrics is not a one step process

First we check the artwork, ensure sizes text and images are OK, we also check colours and correct to make sure the end result will match the shade you wanted.

Next we print on one of our 7 state of the art wide format textile printers, These dye right into the fabric giving vibrant and long lasting colour.

The 3rd stage is to heat fix the graphics – this is the magic bit – using a process called sublimation the inks are heated up until they turn into a gas. This bonds permanently with the fibres of the fabric and also transforms the colours, and it’€™s only at this stage the final result is revealed, bright colours and fine detail come to life. The finish is totally durable and will never scratch

Before we can start to do the finishing we wash the fabric, this gets rid of any remain ink and softens it.

Last, but by no means least, our crack team of skilled machinists complete the finishing, by cutting to size, hemming eyeleting and generally transforming a sheet of fabric into the polished article.

Our services

Most graphics will need a structure to hold them up. This can either part of the existing infrastructure such as the stage system or it could be the security fencing. Or they may need a free standing structure. If you need a display system our structures team can either make or source the best result for you.

We’ll produce graphics to the size you require and finish them so they work with the display method you require. We have an industry leading 3.2m wide print capability meaning less seams on extra wide products, and indeed no seams at all on a very large number of products.

We can do individual barrier jackets or continuous rolls of printed fencing scrim, PA stack covers that are acoustically transparent or flags that are designed to fly in the lightest of breezes.

How to find out more.

We’d love to hear about your event and have the opportunity to find out what we can do to help complete it’s “look”. Please drop us an email or call us. We’re happy to come out and have a chat or meet you at the venue to look at just what you need. We have loads of samples and examples of previous work to guide and inspire you.

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