Table Flags

table-flagsWe have a huge stock of desk flags for almost every country in the world at 6″ x 3″ and over 80 principal countries at 9″ x 4.5″.

Take a look at some of flag bundles for completed sets for varying global areas. Table flags can be a neat addition to a conference, formal meeting or event table, particularly if the event may involve various nations.

We can also manufacture table flags with your company's corporate identity included, for advertising campaigns or even in your local sport or hobby club colours.

The table flags are all handmade here by us here in the UK and are exact matching miniatures to the real things! The base displayed has a neat light wood finish with a cork centre insert – uses to secure the table flag in position and to allow you to position the flag how you desire.

The pins are “miniature flagpoles” which are finished in a high gloss gold and complete with finial top. Giving a professional and realistic finish. You may not have the space for a full size flag but why not show your patriotism with a miniature?

Choosing your Table Flags

When it comes to choosing your Table Flags, we have 3 product options available. Firstly, our Single Pin product, which lets you choose a single flag from any of the available countries in our database. Secondly, we have a Double Pin product, whereby you can select any two countries from our database.

Finally, we also have a preset list of bundles, whereby you will receive a set of flags which are pre-defined for each bundle.


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