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Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Glassfibre Glassfibre Aluminium Glassfibre Aluminium Aluminium
Ground or Walls Ground Walls Ground Walls Ground (Portable) Ground Ground Walls
Fixed Base, Hinged Base, or Vertical Bracket Ground Sleeve, or Hinged Base Angled or Vertical Brackets Hinged Base Angled or Vertical Brackets Water-filled, Drive-on, Spiked, or Free-standing Ground Sleeve Ground Sleeve Angled, or Vertical Brackets
6m – 12m
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3m – 5m
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1.5m - 6m 6.6m – 8.8m 6m – 8m 1.5m – 3m
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* Larger sizes of flagpole require extra consideration, so we ask before you purchase one to speak to one of our specialist team to make sure your venue can accommodate such a large flagpole. P.S. We offer flagpole installation and maintenance too!

Hand Sewn Flags

Flagpoles are a tasteful way to announce your presence and make a statement. Whether you are looking for a flagpole to fly a national flag or for displaying a corporate flag, our selection includes something for everyone.

You can choose from many different sizes within each category and you have options of either internal or external halyards on most poles. Why not top of your pole with a gold finial, one of the options in our Vantage range.

Our aluminium and fibreglass flagpoles are excellent choices for prestige locations, such as heritage or ecclesiastical sites. If you wish to promote your business then you can also use flag poles for corporate buildings, helping you advertise your brand or company, this type of marketing is very popular with show homes and construction sites.

Forecourt and portable poles are a great way of outdoor advertising for the motor trade. You can benefit from having a modest 4.5 metre pole or a towering 12 metre one.

Whatever you decide is the best option for you, we aim to guide you through the options to enable you to make the right choice. Whatever you requirements we are sure we have the right flagpole for you. If you can’t find the right flagpole for you, then why not consider our Custom Flagpole service?