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Welcome to our online shop! We are a promotional display company and we manufacture a range of high quality products providing creative solutions concepts and designs. We are very passionate about the products we produce and ensure the best service and quality for our customers.

Our production facility can cater for all your flag and banner needs and our team provide honest advice to help you make a decision. We are one of the UK's leading manufacturers and we believe in quality products and service. Our customer service team are very well trained in the products we produce and we offer professional design and graphics services.

If you're looking for something a little different, then why not design your own custom made flags with your artwork, you choose from either a horizontal or vertical flag then simply upload your design and we'll do the rest.

We provide every option when it comes to selecting your flagpole, from the ever popular budget flagpoles to the superb architectural aluminium flagpoles for those more prestigious locations.

We also offer installation and maintenance services to ensure flagpoles and banners are safe and immaculate and our fully trained team can provide you with hassle free solutions.